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Alec Guinness

AKA Alec Guinness de Cuffe

Born: 2-Apr-1914
Birthplace: London, England
Died: 5-Aug-2000
Location of death: Midhurst, West Sussex, England [1]
Cause of death: Cancer – Liver
Remains: Buried, Petersfield Cemetery, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Bisexual [2]
Occupation: Actor

Nationality: England
Executive summary: Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars


[1] King Edward VII Hospital, Midhurst, West Sussex, England.

[2] See “Sir Alec Guinness was bisexual”, BBC News, 16 April 2001, citing three separate biographies coming to that conclusion, including his authorized biography. Also see John Ezard, The Guardian, 16 April 2001, “Sir Alec Guinness had a homosexual side which remained publicly unknown in his lifetime because of the flair for evasion and secrecy which was also his trademark as an actor.” Both stories cite a 1946 arrest and conviction for committing a homosexual act in a public restroom.

Wife: Merula Salaman (m. 20-Jun-1938, until his death, d. 17-Oct-2000)
Son: Matthew Guinness (b. 6-Jun-1940)

Garrick Club
Oscar for Best Actor 1958 for The Bridge on the River Kwai
Oscar (honorary) 1980
Golden Globe 1958 for The Bridge on the River Kwai
Laurence Olivier Theatre Award 1989 Special Award (West End Theatre)
Hollywood Walk of Fame 1551 Vine St.
Commander of the British Empire 1955
Knight of the British Empire 1959
Converted to Catholicism
Hernia Operation double hernia (Apr-1970)
Hernia Operation (1982)
Risk Factors: Prostate Cancer, Gout, Smoking

Mute Witness (21-Oct-1994)
A Foreign Field (10-Sep-1993) · Amos
Tales from Hollywood (19-Oct-1992)
Kafka (15-Nov-1991)
Little Dorrit (11-Sep-1988) · William Dorrit
A Handful of Dust (24-Jun-1988) · Mr. Todd
A Passage to India (14-Dec-1984) · Godbole
Return of the Jedi (25-May-1983)
Lovesick (18-Feb-1983)
Smiley’s People (20-Sep-1982)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (25-Nov-1980)
Raise the Titanic (1-Aug-1980)
The Empire Strikes Back (21-May-1980) · Obi-Wan Kenobi
Star Wars (25-May-1977) · Obi-Wan Kenobi
Murder by Death (23-Jun-1976) · Bensonmum
Hitler: The Last Ten Days (20-Apr-1973)
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (3-Mar-1972)
Scrooge (5-Nov-1970) · Jacob Marley’s Ghost
Cromwell (16-Jul-1970) · King Charles I
The Comedians (31-Oct-1967) · Maj. Jones
The Quiller Memorandum (15-Dec-1966)
Hotel Paradiso (14-Oct-1966)
Doctor Zhivago (22-Dec-1965) · Yevgraf
Situation Hopeless… But Not Serious (13-Oct-1965)
The Fall of the Roman Empire (26-Mar-1964)
Lawrence of Arabia (10-Dec-1962) · Prince Feisal
HMS Defiant (6-Aug-1962) · Capt. Crawford
A Majority of One (11-Jan-1962) · Koichi Asano
Tunes of Glory (20-Dec-1960)
Our Man in Havana (27-Jan-1960) · Jim Wormold
The Scapegoat (6-Aug-1959) · John Barratt
The Horse’s Mouth (11-Nov-1958) · Gulley Jimson
The Bridge on the River Kwai (18-Dec-1957) · Col. Nicholson
Barnacle Bill (17-Dec-1957)
The Swan (26-Apr-1956) · Prince Albert
The Ladykillers (Dec-1955) · Prof. Marcus
The Prisoner (19-Apr-1955) · The Prisoner
To Paris with Love (11-Jan-1955)
The Detective (8-Jun-1954) · Fr. Brown
Malta Story (23-Jun-1953) · Peter Ross
The Captain’s Paradise (9-Jun-1953)
The Card (14-Aug-1952) · Edward Henry Machin
The Man in the White Suit (28-Jan-1952) · Sidney Stratton
The Lavender Hill Mob (26-Jun-1951) · Holland
The Mudlark (28-Nov-1950)
Last Holiday (13-Nov-1950)
A Run for Your Money (23-Nov-1949)
Kind Hearts and Coronets (20-Jan-1949) · The Duke
Oliver Twist (28-Jun-1948) · Fagin
Great Expectations (26-Dec-1946) · Herbert Pocket

Author of books:
My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor (1996)

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